Ruined… Spectacularly ruined!

After 5 days of being unable to touch my cock, CH unlocked me last night and teased me until I was half blind…  She didn’t offer to give me a ruined orgasm, in fact it’s been six or seven weeks since she has…

However, at one point, she was alternating between sucking hard on my head, and giving me short, jerky strokes…  It was getting to me so I pulled back, as a dutiful denied husband should, to warn her that I was getting close to the point of no return.  Instead of stopping, she took my cock back in her mouth, gave it a hard suck and a few swipes of her tongue, and then held it.

She held it, watching… nothing happened…  waiting… nothing… Then without any warning, the muscle at the base of  my cock spasmed, and a huge spurt of semen shot out, splattering the wife beater I was wearing, and beyond, right up to my right shoulder… WOW!  Just fucking WOW!

We both burst out laughing… it was so unexpected.


That was it.  There were no further spasms, no sense of satisfaction at all (other than a bit at having produced a cum shot, harder and stronger than I’ve done for years, but no physical satisfaction).  I was still rock hard, and had no sense of having had an orgasm…  A minute later, the frustration set in… Wanting to do it again, and again and again, to completely drain myself, but knowing that she would never let me.

The numbers:

  • Seven – the number of orgasm-free months to come… Argggh!
  • Nine – the number of weeks without a real orgasm.
  • Fourteen – the number of teasing sessions in the last 60 days – a new low..
  • Sixteen – the number of weeks continuously locked in the Jailbird, out only for teasing and play.


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